Laymen’s Reflection on Syro-Malabar Sunday Mass Scripture Readings

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  1. Dear Paul Achan
    The one for September 13th has some reasonable and meaningful thoughts for reflection. The previous one didn’t come up to the level
    Fr. John


  3. Dear Fr. Paul,

    It is really very great that you are making available
    to priests reflections on Sunday readings.
    Your zealous nature is a gift for the Church.
    The reflections are good. Congratulations!!!

    Hope you keep fine


  4. Dear Loving Fr. Paul Kottackal,

    Sorry for being late to respond.
    To me I felt like going through a Spiritual Exercise to explore the hidden meanings and messages to the people God gives to those who does not see, does not hear and who does not understand and those who does not perform according to the way God expects each and every one supposed to do.
    This is a chance for those who are interested to dive deep into the word of God, meditate upon it and receive many gifts from God what he promised to us.
    I also think that the gifts we receive has to be shared with others for those who are less fortunate, those who did not see, did not hear and did not perform. God expects us the disciples of His and spread the good news through our actions and glorify God.

    Thank you Fr. Paul Kottackal.

    With love and prayers.

    Babu & Alice Matthew

  5. Dear and Respected Paul Acha,
    Congratulations for your new venture. It is really thought provoking. Continue this initiative by the grace of God.

  6. Dear Loving and ever smiling Paulacha,

    Congragulations and Thanks for your love through this work. I found this as a message to you during the annual retreat . Let me thank to God for you as gift to the church.

  7. Dear loving Fr Paul

    Congratulations ….and prayerful wishes for this great attempt…..May God bless you……

  8. This website has been recommended to me by a priest friend and I found the reflections, profound. For we may outgrow our teachers and priests but not the Apostles and the Prophets. The human system which was once vigorous and influential may grow old and lose all vitality, but the Word of God is always fresh and new and full of force: for as it is written in the book of the Prophet Isaiah: the Grass withers, the flower fades but the Word of God lasts for ever. A Great initiative without doubt,
    prayers and blessings

  9. These reflections for the week are excellent. Syromalabar church homilies usually are not time restricted unlike in Latin churches. Connecting bible teaching to present times in a timely manner may improve the quality of church homilies. This is a good effort and please continue the good work.
    Philip Parackal,Los Angeles

  10. Dear Paulacha,

    Very good. Congratulations on your efforts to bring up into light the layman’s thoughts. Wonderful. I appreciate.

  11. Dear Team members,
    This is a very creative ministry. You are innovative. Church has to be like that. Modern social media are the pulpits of the time. Today laypeople are destined to listen to, not to express their insights. They are the ones who have hands on experiences. We are glad that you are making use of modern social media to spread the Good News.
    I read both the reflections published. They are very inspiring and down to earth. The writers know the problem of the modern age, and I felt they knew our problems, too. The writings touched me.
    In Matthew 13: 1-9, I saw that God scattered good seeds and they fell on various types of grounds with different properties or focus. The ground with good property gave yield of several folds. The meaning of sowing also is setting something in motion, beginning an enterprise. This ministry itself is an example of that.
    These enterprises could be honest and dishonest; selfish and selfless. There are plenty of examples for this in the secular world; especially in the business and entertainment world. Some of them are destructive in nature and often leads to war gears, hoarding, trafficking etc. and harvest undesirable fruits abundantly and beyond control
    As I meditated in the articles, I was thinking about our educational institutions. It is an enterprise started with a good intention. But today it has lost its focus, and is producing undesirable fruits. I am afraid, it may lead to a disastrous fall as it happened in Babylon (Isaiah 47). I remember my childhood school days. There were good sowers, and I am sure the seeds fell on different grounds. But the whole atmosphere was very conducive to producing hundred folds. It resulted in forming a principled and committed generation. Today the whole atmosphere has changed and can be seen educational business is everywhere and the knowledge gained from the institutions are not worthy to produce good fruits helpful for the human society. The result is a corrupt and selfish generation greedy and self-centered.
    Let us continue sowing good seeds as individuals, and as a community. But we shall not use ‘poisonous fertilizers’ to produce trash harvest; let us not employ worldly means to facilitate and maximize not in quantity but quality harvest. Let us water, manure and allow it grow naturally and we have to keep watch over it diligently, carefully lest thieves with selfish interests will sow destructive seeds and mislead new generation.
    I wish the team every success.
    Bob Matthew

  12. Dear Paul Acha,

    Your creativity in the field of Media and communication is always amazing. Congratulations. Appreciate editors’ commitment to enrich us with useful comments and interpretations of the Word of God. Laymen’s insights are variety and enrichment for our pastoral fields.
    God bless you

  13. Acha,

    Very good articles, simple to understand and relevant in our life. Keep up the good work. Thanks,

    Jessy​ Robert​

  14. Dear Fr. Paul,

    My thoughts are:

    Thank you and kudos for being the guiding light for such an innovative endeavor. I’m sure this will bring up different and fresh perspectives by laymen on Scripture readings. I think Clergy may find it interesting to note how laymen interpret the relevance and meaning of the readings today compared to how they may have done it a decade or two ago.

    Note: At the same time, some interpretations by laymen may be grossly off the mark, so I hope the articles are not auto-published without your review and approval.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Jimmy, Anu

  15. Dear Paul Achan
    This is a useful and welcome step to accept and assimilate the views of laity.Connecting and interpreting the Bible teachings to the present times is the need of the hour. Wish you all success in this endeavour.
    With Love and Regards
    Jose Varkey Panthalloore.

  16. Dear Kottackal Achan,
    Thank you very much for all the mails you send to me . I have gone through all the homilies.
    1. The idea itself is original, to think from the part of the laity.
    2. The content also is above average and the interpretations are “Franciscan” (Pope Francis)
    3 The language is very good , there is no ‘Pathiri bhasha’ jargon or monotony in them
    I fail to respond earlier because I am alone in this very big parish and I have to do the CCD duties and other paper works also.
    Wish you all the best .
    peace and love
    Fr. Augustine Palackaparampil

  17. Dear Fr. Paul:

    I appreciate and commend you for taking this innovative approach to spread the word of God. It is important to use all the media outlets to preach the Good news. I hope and pray that this attempt be successful !!
    Thomas Ozhukayil

  18. Dear Paulacha,
    This is a really good opportunity for us to read the Sunday Homilies ahead from a layman’s point of view and be ready to hear our Achan’s version during Sunday mass. It is so worthwhile to read them early. It helps to have an idea already and listen our Achan with a broader perspective.
    Thank you,
    may God bless us all,
    Thomas (Roy) and Christina

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