Laymen’s Reflection on Syro-Malabar Sunday Mass Scripture Readings

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  1. Hi Fr.Paul…
    I read the explanation of the september 6th Readings. Super and inspiring. Let the God keep you fresh in wisdom and willingness to spread the kingdom of God among the unknown and known( one who is cold).
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Suma,
      Thanks for your comment.
      It encourages the team.
      This is a teamwork. Please join this team.
      You may tell your friends about this ministry.
      Give them this link with a little explanation.
      Otherwise they will not take it seriously.
      If you know any layperson who writes like this please introduce him/her to me.
      I will request him/her to write reflections.
      Where are you stationed?
      God bless you.
      Fr. Paul Kottackal

  2. Dear Fr. Paul and Team,
    Any creatively critical difference for a positive change is always welcome. It is a different voice and a different endeavor with a different flavor. It requires courage.
    Appreciating the Team,

  3. Dear Paulacha,

    Thank you for your great work and spreading the word of god in simple way.
    This helps to understand and hink more deeply when I heard the Gosspel reading on Sunday Sept 6.The deep explanation of the Parable inspire me to apply and practice in day to day life. This is one way of evangilization, as a layperson like me.If anybody can translate this in English, it will be great help for the young generations in US.
    God bless you,

  4. Good reflections. This will inspire our people to read and meditate Scriptural passages in the midst of their busy schedule. I appreciate all who dedicate their time to publish these inspirational thoughts. Hope and pray that this ministry may reach out to many who are willing to open their hearts to understand the scripture in the present life situation.

  5. Dear Rev. Fr. Paul,

    Thanks for sending the homilies of the Laymen. I saw your text message on my cell phone. The homily is very good and brings up a very different and unique thought appealing to today’s situation. It will be enlightening for priests to read through this homily, to know the mid of the Laymen as they prepare their homily for Sunday on the same reading. Some Critical observation: It could be a bit more shorter ( may be by avoiding some of the elaborate explanation) and focus on the unique and different message. Since it is a homily I would encourage to avoid as far as possible the negative criticism or tone in the homily (I don’t find much of this in this present one). Thanks for taking the initiative,

    Fr. Antony

  6. Dear Paul Acha,
    We liked this homily and the concept of reading the Bible and homily prior to the Sunday Mass. This homily is explaining the Bible reading in simple words and associating it with real life examples. It gives insight into the Bible reading and makes us think more.

    Most of us are familiar to parables and His teachings so explaining other reading will make this homily more powerful. We always remember homilies with short stories that can be associated to our daily life. Sharing real life experience in association to the reading will help us. Also it is good to time the homily, most of us tend get distracted with long homilies, and we prefer short homilies with lot of insights that can lead us to think after the Mass.

    We like the examples in this homily, as a layman we always try to associate us to the seeds, but never tried to associate us to the farmer. This homily is asking us to rise to level of a good farmer and look for opportunities to plant seeds irrespective of the quality of the field. It is emphasizing the purpose of every life and action in a very simple language. Overall we liked this homily much better than most of the Sunday homilies.

    It is nice to see that you are coming up with new ideas and concepts, and I am sure our children will like to read this homily in English as well.

    Thank you

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