Laymen’s Reflection on Syro-Malabar Sunday Mass Scripture Readings

Comments (2) on “November 8, 2015”

  1. Dear Fathers and other Team members,

    I am really happy that the reflections were fine-tuned by the editors. The portions I doubtfully added in the final draft including Jerusalem Act was removed, so the blocks for sequence have been avoided. Indeed, relevant pictures and impressive layout make it conveying.

    In fact I am thrilled to see my reflections in such an exceptional platform.

    My sincere thanks for the grand coverage given to book releasing news too.

    I have forwarded the link to all Syro Malabar priests based at the 4 parishes in Kuwait also to some Salesian priests in Kerala through my brother in law. He is a Salesian based at Bangalore.

    Regards & Prayers

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