Laymen’s Reflection on Syro-Malabar Sunday Mass Scripture Readings

Comments (5) on “November 15, 2015”

  1. Dear Rev. Fr. Paul and the Team,
    I am very grateful to you for the homilies you have been sending to us regularly.
    I should also congratulate you for the new section you are going to start for the children by next week.
    God bless you.
    Wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving day.
    Fr. Jose Kandathikudy

  2. Hello Father,

    Yesterday I had a one day session
    with 43 deacons of CMI congregation
    who are going to be ordained next month.
    I gave them our homily site.
    during the class time itself they checked it
    and found to be good and useful.
    According to them it is really helpful for them as
    they are going to be new priests soon

    Thanks for your effort
    Kochurani Joseph

    1. Heloo kochurani Teacher,

      I take this opportunity to thank sincerely for coming over here and giving us inputs regarding the issues of family life and your expectations from a priest.

      Thank you for the pain and effort
      Dn. Thomas

    1. Thanks for visiting this web.
      Please introduce this to your friends and join us in this ministry.
      Merry Christmas.

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