Laymen’s Reflection on Syro-Malabar Sunday Mass Scripture Readings

Comments (5) on “December 6, 2015”

  1. This is awesome. Congratulations to the author. This season is more about Mary’s Yes. Thanks

  2. congrats to jose mathew. Excellent and very good
    presentation.Thanks for your outstanding work.

  3. A very well written article about Mother Mary. The author has gathered his information precisely and has taken his thoughts about Mother Mary and what she maybe felt during that time. Overall, this piece of writing offers a great stand point about Mother Mary and all the difficulties she has faced. Keep up the good work Jose Mathew Manchery.

  4. Jose Mathew has interpreted the Word in today’s context and made it more contemporary and relevant. His article shows that he reads a lot from Malayalam literature too. The article challenges us in many ways. Thanks for the article. God bless you.

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